Saturday, February 18, 2012

Tip #61: The 14 Hour Date

Think of this as a marathon date in which you and your loved interest (no matter how long committed to each other or first starting to date) will set aside fourteen continuous hours where you will try to cram in as many fun activities as you can, back-to-back. Obviously, precise scheduling is key here! 

Start at around, say, 2pm for example and factor in events like: a late lunch, one or two movies, a theatrical performance, shopping, dinner, visiting a museum or cemetery, meeting some friends for drinks at a bar for a while, going to a nightclub, etc..

The main idea here is to get the most out of the entire time you have together. This works especially well for those who are too busy, have conflicting schedules, or are in long distance relationship and you have a time limited visit. Lastly, it doesn't hurt to throw in some Planned Spontaneity into the mix!

Carpe Diem!  

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