Thursday, June 30, 2011

Recommendation: Treble Clef Flatware

O.k., I'll be honest...there really isn't anything, off-hand, quite romantic about forks, knives, and spoons. But I really want to share this product with all of's too perfect of a Goth present (notice I wrote "present" because it's an item of practicality) to pass over.

Allow me to introduce you to the flatware set that I, myself, actually have in my apartment and use: The Treble Clef flatware set...

Notice the black, Tim Burton-esque, handles that spiral at the's almost TOO Goth!!! I can almost hear you all crying out: "I WANT 'EM! I WANT 'EM! I WANT 'EM! I WANT 'EM! I WANT 'EM! I WANT 'EM!" while bouncing up and down in your chairs.

Surprisingly enough, I simply found these at Bed, Bath, & Beyond! Who knew?!? To check the actual item page, click here. Also there are some more choices via, click here to see that.

So there you have it...just thought I'd share this little home décor recommendation.

Bon Apétit!!!


  1. I have this set as well, and feel exactly the same about them! I was needing a new set of flatware and went shopping for it at Bed Bath and Beyond, and after several minutes of scanning for something that had a Gothic touch to it, I spotted these. I immediately fell in love!

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