Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day-Crawlers in the Mist -- Part VII

Tonight I explore the dangerous and often disturbing world of “The Gator!” (cue dramatic music) As I reported in an earlier installment of "Day-Crawlers in the Mist," the Gator is a quite fascinating Day-Crawling female specimen who will grant sudden and non-committal sexual gratification in return for a predetermined monetary compensation! Extraordinary!!!

The skilled Gator can be either blatant or elusive in their manner, but always hyper-sexualized in their form and appearance. This is to insure that will ensnare the attention of the scores of Day-Crawler males peppered throughout any given watering-hole. The act of being able to spot a Gator is almost a delicate art form on its own accord…however, not impossible. The general breakdown of the typical Gator is as follows:
  • A very quiet and reserved demeanor upon entering a watering-hole (she doesn't want to attract too much attention to herself at first…especially from the watering-hole staff that hold the power to shoo her away).
  • Provocative and revealing clothing to properly show off their…
  • Accentuated female bits and pieces. Namely the buttocks and mammary glands.
  • Other smaller details are also highlighted and kept to a status of perfection in accordance to what the Day-Crawler male finds alluring. This includes hair, nails, make-up, posture, scent, etc.
  • Upon entering a watering-hole, a true Gator will always prop herself up on her exaggerated high-heeled shoes to survey the lay of the land and target any potential prey. This is done stealthily and effectively, but not unlike a meerkat scanning the horizons for any predators.
After many months of immersing myself within the Gator’s territory, I have notice a strange phenomenon when it came to me and my presence there! Upon noticing me on repeated occasions, tracking their movements, I've noticed that the Gators would fall into two distinct categories of behavior:
1) Either they are very wary of me and stay far away because, due to my outlandish style I suppose, think that I will turn into some sort of sexual fiend that will leave them bloody and begging for their lives while I repeatedly scar their backside with a riding crop (only half true), or 2) they become very friendly and unthreatened by my presence because I have no interest in their “services” whilst being quite different in style and manner from the 99.9% of the other males they interact with; moreover, I wouldn't be surprised if some of them thought I was gay…in other words, I’m safe. It is with the latter half that my research proved most beneficial…for the sake of Day-Crawler biological behavioral science!!!

Let us get to the field research, shall we?

Specimen #001: “Sugar”
Thin, average height, African-American, early to mid twenties, dressed in a form-fitting electric blue miniskirt ensemble with a low neck line, spiked black stiletto heels, and clutching a small black purse and cell phone.

Tag #: 29874893.

Sugar is young and on the prowl. At the watering-hole where I typically see her she usually arrives earlier than I do and sits at my habitual spot…at the deep end corner of the bar. As soon as she sees me, she humbly and respectfully offers me her spot, against my protest, stating that she was keeping my place safe for me. I ritualistically take my position at the end of the bar, and Sugar is all too willing to flit about the watering-hole to show off her huntress skills for me.

On one particular night she managed to wedge herself in between a pack of five males each vying to be the Alpha–male of their group. Her sudden flirtatious presence let forth a flash flood of testosterone in what seemed to be in a half of an instant! Each male, with their chest puffed out, was trying to impress Sugar with witty banter and sexual inuendo laced remarks, while she simply smiled and giggled like a giddy little schoolgirl. All the while, Sugar wasn’t trying to figure out who was the manliest, who had the bigger sexual organ, or who had the most stamina. No, instead, Sugar was calculating who amongst the males had the fatter wallet! Suddenly, one of the pack males, in an effort to show everyone up, offered to pay for the entire party’s rounds of thirst quenchers. At that very moment I took notice of Sugar’s eyes widen and then intensely focus…she had found her prey. Within the next few minutes she managed to zero-in her flirtatious attacks on her intended target while simultaneously phasing out the advances of the other males in the pack.

Within the next 15 minutes, she expertly weaned her prey away from his pack (whom, were also scooped up by some other Gators) and had him all to herself. This is when the Gator goes for the kill. Sugar makes her intentions very clear in whereas she makes it fully understandable that she wants to have a sexual interaction (or a "date" as it is known around the watering-hole) with the male, and with some subtle negotiation about the monetary compensation, an agreement is achieved. Sugar suddenly saunters off with her hapless prey in tow like a lamb to the slaughter. So sad...but such is the circle of life at the watering-hole...

Specimen #002: “Peaches”
Amazonian, towering height of 6 foot / 3 inches, Caucasian, red hair, mid twenties, dressed in a flowery and flowing dress that accentuates her ample breast size, high heel shoes and carrying a medium sized purse.

Tag #: 756712329.

Peaches is quite a special specimen in which she is particularly cunning and professional about her Gator methods. For starters, she always likes to join me at the end of the bar and engage in a conversation with me, not because I am such a great conversationalist, but rather because I look really different and having her talk to me will attract the gaze of all the males at the watering-hole towards us. Ultimately, this Gator's game is to make the males think that they are prying her away from me, creating a false sense of competition. As for myself, I'm not offended nor flattered by this...I just find the psychological tactic fascinating, and sometimes will even help Peaches pick out a specific piece of prey...vicariously joining in on the hunt, if you will.

Another attribute that Peaches has is that her prey of choice are males that age above 50 years. Her reasoning behind this is that the more elder men at a watering-hole can no longer compete with the younger alpha-males prancing about in their full glory, scooping up all of the younger Day-Crawler females without any effort. This leaves the elder males feeling lonesome, and defeated, while still maintaining a sense of male pride and virility! This is what Peaches sniffs about the watering-hole for. Soon enough she finds her prey and quietly leaves my side to sit beside him. I try not to make any eye contact as to not scare off her target...he might think that we are actually together. I must play it off as though I have no interest in Peaches...not really a big stretch for me because, in actuality, I am not interested in her...aside from gathering data for my field research, that is.

Soon enough, Peaches, like Sugar, walks off to her prey's room where they will discuss and negotiate the transaction and proceed to execute the agreement. An interesting bit of information Peaches provided me on one occasion was that 4 times out of 10 these men over 50 years in age want to do nothing more than to talk. No hanky-panky. No sex. Just talk. She explains that a lot of these men are divorced, widowed, or just plain lonely, and will gladly pay for the time to talk to a beautiful girl who shows the faintest interest in them in return. These are Peaches favorite sort of prey...

Specimen #003: “Foxxxy”
Petite, 5 foot / 3 inches, Latino, late forties to mid fifties, strong accent, wearing an ordinary blouse and dress, average high heeled shoes, heavy make-up, abundant jewelry, small purse, excessive perfume.

Tag #: 578633290.

Foxxxy, despite her age and rather ordinary outward appearance is rather crafty in regards to a few attributes. First, her watering-hole of choice are very upscale and stuffy ones, usually frequented by older businessmen and brash younger professional males. Next, she tends to target prey at least ten to fifteen years younger than her by masquerading as a saucy Latino Cougar and playing up to that fantasy. Lastly, she is all business!

On one particular night, while she was waiting for a higher caliber of prey to enter the exclusive watering-hole, we were discussing the business dynamics of being a Gator. She admitted to me that she is raising a teenage boy and that the "lifestyle" she is accustomed to requires that she make no less than $3000 per week. She also stated that to commute into the city from Long Island and counting meals and other such expenses amounted between $90 to $140 per day. So with all of that in consideration she calculated that she needed at least 7.4 clients a week...she even told me she's got all of this on an excel sheet and was thinking of generating more income via a live webcam feed of her!

Suddenly two yuppie type, mid thirties, somewhat tipsy males saunter into the watering-hole. Foxxxy notices them right away and very quickly pits herself between the two. She is not after quality, like Sugar or Peaches were, but rather quantity! Two, for the price of...two!!! Her tactic was to play the hot, yet lost tourist who is in town and looking for a good time with a couple of young strapping men. This Gator baits her prey further by implying that she is rather dim-witted and even naive, but open to anything these males have in mind. Expertly, she made these two victims believe that they were the predators and was in full control of the sexual situation they were about to undertake...but quite the opposite was true! Soon enough, the two males (high-fiving each other) left the watering-hole following Foxxxy. Little did they know that they were soon going to be swallowed hole! (pun intended)

Some people have asked me whether or not I believe that the "business" and "services" Gators conduct should be legalized or not. On the one hand, I am proud to state that I have never, nor will I ever reduce myself to paying good money for something I should be receiving and giving for free (freebies are another story...just kidding!), plus this profession is VERY dangerous and scary, riddled with abuse, drug addiction, diseases, etc....but on the other hand, I do understand that there are a lot of lonely people out there (men and women, alike) who, for no matter what reason need and crave a physical and sexual touch from another human being without commitment or great effort and time. In my many months observing the Gators as they slink about their routines and entrapments, I have noticed that sometimes the males they prey upon are individuals who, in popular society, would never have a chance at love or a relationship...maybe because of their appearances...maybe because they are socially awkward and shy...maybe because they live in their mother's basement at the age of 45. Whatever the reason, why should these individuals be denied the simplest pleasure of human touch and sexuality? 

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