Monday, June 20, 2011

Tip #32: Meal Swap

This is a fun thing to do for couples who have been together for a while and have extremely good rapport. This is, however, an exercise and/or test of how well you really know each've been warned!

The next time you both find yourselves at a restaurant for a dinner date you are going to chose each other's meals...meaning that your lover will pick what you will eat, and you get to pick for them. To make it easier, predetermine what type of 'protein' they are in the mood for: Meat, fowl, or seafood...or a vegetarian meal. Then make your selections from there. The the both of you will enjoy (or despise) the meal your lover has selected for you!

What is the reason behind this? Well, several things...First, there is a trust factor that comes into play here in which you allow your lover to (mutually) take control of what you are about to intake. Secondly, to demonstrate just how much you know his or her tastes (better do your research and consult your Master List!) and can apply it in a real world setting. Thirdly, you might have a culinary experience that you may never otherwise would of had since you might not have dared to float outside of your comfort zone (my family's  restaurant serves calf's brains for example).

One word of caution: please be extra sure of any allergies, sensitivities, or dietary needs that can be a problem down the line. My best friend, for example, can not have any gluten, dairy, or you can imagine jut how much fun it is going to a restaurant with her can be! Thank darkness she's not a vegetarian on top of that! Actually, I's is always a lovely time when we go out to just makes it a bit of a challenge, but we always find the fun in it! And this is important...You don't want to end the night in the emergency room or listening them puke in the bathroom, praying to the porcelain gods, the entire night and the following day.

If you really want to test this tip out at a great (shameless plug) restaurant that serves classic French comfort food cuisine, be sure to come to my family's restaurant: Chez Napoleon! I really could use the refreshing company when I work there...there are only so many cranky elderly people I can stand to see on any given night.

BONUS TIP: A very thoughtful thing to do when making a reservation at a restaurant, don't use your name, but rather put it under your lover/date's name. When the both of you show up for the reservation and the hostess asks for the name it is under, proudly state his or her name. Trust me, this will get you brownie-points!!!

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