Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tip #30: Portraits

Sure, anyone can take a photo with a digital camera or a cell phone of your loved or the both of you to treasure a specific moment in when you were waiting for a bloodbath drink at the Goth nightclub last Saturday...but that's, mundane! And in this dark little scene we don't do mundane. We must and shall do things to the beat of a different bat wing! And having a portrait commissioned by an artist of your loved on or of the both of you (note: giving your lover a portrait of just yourself might be acceptable, but it smells too much of narcissism to me) and present it as a gift to him or her. Now, while large commissioned oil painting portraits, like in ye olde days, will run into the tens of thousands of dollars, may I propose a more economical, yet artistically stunning solution...

This is the talented work of Goth artist Sherrie Spencer and her company Avalon Enterprises. If you send her several photographs of the person(s) you wish to have painted she will created a stunning piece of art that will last you forever. Her rates are very reasonable, around $200 dollars for a watercolor painting, maybe a tad more depending on the level of detail you would like included. Check out here website for more information, examples, and email address.

This type of gift not only speaks volumes, it bellows to the moon! Moreover, it will appreciate in value over time!!!

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