Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tip # 21: Make it Look Effortless

A very important key component in the "Art of Romance" is to make it look all too easy...while, in reality, you give yourself a moderate to high level of difficulty in doing so. Actually, this tip coincides with Tip # 8 (Planned Spontaneity) and is governed by Tip # 20 (The Master List).

The secret to making every and any romantic gesture seem effortless and spontaneous is careful planning, research, and timing while never divulging the time, energy, and/or money it took to execute said gesture.

Sure, everyone naturally seeks instant gratitude and acknowledgement for the extent to which one will go to please their loved's all too tempting to say: "Whew! You have no idea what I went through to find/get you these/those______________!!!" for a positive response in return. But, a true romantic, like a skilled magician or illusionist, will never reveal his or her secrets or techniques, thus leaving the recipient in absolute awe, no matter how simple or elaborate the romantic endeavor may be!

The idea behind this is to create an air of mysticism and fantasy about yourself and your relationship, thus making yourself more fascinating and alluring toward your object of desire. ABBACADABRA!!! *poof*

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  1. I think this is my favorite tip. I am a serious gift giver and seriously committed to great anniversary presents. I once spent a whole year making a king sized quilt for my ex (he wasn't an ex at the time). I don't begrudge my partner when their gifts aren't as great as mine, but I NEVER want to hear how hard it was to find me a pair of earring or a book. I always do my best to make presents look effortless although I usually fall through on total secrecy (a year is a long time).