Saturday, June 25, 2011

Greetings Globe!

After reviewing my blog stats, I realize that this blog is not only viewed here in the United States, but on a global scale (just as the Goth culture is and always should be) and I wanted to take this opportunity to say hello!

So to all the viewers reading this in Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, Hungary, Denmark, Russia, Australia, Norway, Singapore, France, South Africa, Iran (!!!), India, and Italy..."Hallo!", "Ello-Ello!" , "Hello, aye!" , "Helló!" , "Hej!" , "привет!" , "Ello, mate!" , "Hallo!" , "您好!" , "Bonjour!" , "Hello!" , "Salam!" , "नमस्ते!" , and "Ciao!"

*Whew!* Thanks for following my Romancing the Goth .blog and help spread the word to your friends...GLOBAL DOMINATION SHALL BE MINE!!!! MWUAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!...*cough*cough*...sorry about carried away there for a second...

Stay Dark, my friends!!!

Sir William Welles

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