Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tip #35: Anniversary Gifts

There is a list in mainstream culture that dictates what type of gifts should be given for specific anniversary (married or in a committed relationship) years. No one really knows who wrote this list, but my research indicates that the origins come from medieval Germany and then was solidified in Victorian England. There is, however, also a "modern" list that has been also proposed within the last few decades (Notice the certain questionable items in the traditional & modern list like Desk Sets, Furs, and Ivory). Of course, the list does vary somewhat from different countries and cultures...this got me to thinking, why doesn't the Goth culture have it's own list? So, I made one...

Below is an image file of the Traditional, Modern, and Goth anniversary list. Feel free to right-click and save the image, cut-&-paste it, or even print it out...hopefully you will to use it at least once a year!

Bonus Tip:
Be sure not to fall in the trap, like some Day-Crawlers do, and turn anniversary gift giving into a competition or a test of love. To avoid this simply settle on a gift budget price and try to keep it within plus (+) or minus (-) fifty dollars ($50us). That way you won't turn your anniversary into a war zone!

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