Friday, June 3, 2011

Tip #22: Tourist Day

Plan to spend a whole afternoon together and explore the sights your city has to offer like one of those annoying out-of-towners!!! Check out a museum, visit a park, take a tour, go to the top of the tallest building for a view, see a sight! It's all too often that we are so wrapped up in or day-to-day lives that we forget that there are many things to see and do in our very own backyards (that we pay taxes to maintain, mind you) and only tourists are the ones who generally enjoy them and don't take them for granted.

Again, to make the best out of "Tourist Day" be sure to have the Planned Spontaneity rule on your side. Do some research and find several things to see/do and the transportation choices between each (on foot, car, bus, train, flying dragon, etc.). Then, once you've got your choices down, ask your mate/date what he/she is in the mood for, and adjust your plan accordingly. Maybe she doesn't want to be outside on a hot day = inside activity. Maybe he wants to do something somewhat active = walk through park. Just let the clues and circumstances be your guide.

Tip Bonus: If and when you do something touristy, ham it up by buying a small, cheesy, yet meaningful, souvenir to commemorate the event. This is best achieved if purchased without the recipient's knowledge...whether beforehand, or if you excuse yourself to go to the restroom or get the idea! A little something for the shrine maybe? Hmmm...

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