Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tip # 20: The Master List

Whether you log it in a Word.doc on your computer or scribble it on a used bar napkin, you must keep a list of your paramour's vital stats and info! Acquiring and and all information to be categorized is no easy task...sometimes it will be public and offered knowledge, and sometimes you will need to interrogate certain friends and family members to gain the intell you are seeking. The trick here is to make it look effortless. This is not impossible, mind you, and the Master List should always be growing, changing, and evolving!

The preliminary information you should be taking note of and will need to be databased is as follows:

  • Date of Birth
  • Place of Birth
  • Size of Family (alive/away/dead)
  • Names of Immediate Family Members
  • Level of Education
  • Schools Attended (high school/college)
  • Any Significant Dates
  • Allergies
  • Dietary Needs
  • Medical Issues/History
  • Favorite Color
  • Favorite Metal (gold, silver, or other)
  • Favorite Gem Stone
  • Favorite Movie
  • Favorite Book/Author
  • Favorite Movie/Actor/Actress
  • Favorite Song/Band
  • Favorite Television Show
  • Favorite Season
  • Favorite Animal
  • Favorite Pet (dog/cat/snake/bat/etc.)
  • Favorite Drink
  • Favorite Dish/Cuisine
  • Favorite Anything Else
  • Dress Size
  • Pant Size (waist/length)
  • Shoe Size
  • Shirt size
  • Tee-Shirt Size
  • Ring Size (for when things get serious)
  • Hat Size
  • Intimate Apparel Sizes
  • Any Other Sizes You Need to Know
  • Any Dislikes
  • Etc., Etc., Etc.
...You get the idea! The purpose of this list is: 1) To keep you on the ball when it comes to your mates likes, dislikes, and stats; 2) To make your "custom-made" romantic gestures seem effortless and thoughtful; and 3) If you ever forget any detail, you can easily refer to your handy-dandy Master List without coming across like an inconsiderate fool!

Bonus Tip: If you and your lover should ever break off your relationship, no matter who dumped who, for cathartic reasons you will then take a printed/written and original copy of the Master List...neatly fold it into an envelope...and then set fire to it, thus releasing your bond to that person! Sweet, no?

If anyone has any additional categories to add to the simple Master List above, please feel free to share with the class via a comment!!!

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