Friday, May 13, 2011

Tip #16: Blood Vials

While certainly not for the squeamish or the mundane, blood vial jewelry (like those featured on is the perfect mix of something odd, unique, repulsive (to most), sentimental, endearing, and highly romantic! The concept is pretty clear and simple: blood is considered the essence of life, and by wearing around a few c.c.’s of your lover’s hemoglobin you have, in a way, a piece of them with you at all times…much the way carrying around a lock of hair or a locket with a picture of your mate works (see previous tip)…except darker. Moreover, if and when you and your loved one decide to exchange blood vials, you can make it into a whole private ritual between the both of you (pricking your finger or slicing open a vein and all) to celebrate the occasion…much like back in the day “going steady” was commemorated by pinning a girl (Whoa! Talk about a Brady Bunch flashback), or proposing marriage…except it is much more mutual and symbolic, if you are a vampire or not!