Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tip #19: Wish You Were Here

Face one point or another in your relationship, you will be apart from your bleakheart, especially early in in the relationship. Whether on a vacation, at a wedding, at a funeral, on a business trip, or at a Goth music festival in Germany... you will eventually spend some time apart, agonizing for his or her presence. That's where postcards are a great thing! But don't just send one...time it so that you send one for everyday you are apart!

Sure, in this day in age it is a lot easier and maybe even cheaper to simply send off a text message...but believe you me, everyone...and I mean EVERYONE (!!!) enjoys receiving something personal in the (snail)mail. Postcards are the perfect mix of something fun, whimsical, and cheesy in their own's also a throwback to the 1950's and 60's when families took summer road trips across the country.

Don't know what to write about everyday for an extended period of time? That's need not write a novel on each and every card. A simple "I miss you" or a funny joke will do; you can even count down the days until you are reunited...just jot down SOMETHING!

Bonus Tip!!! Actually, this can be as effective even if you aren't miles apart in some far off land...send him or her a postcard from right where you live and write something like: "Wish you were my arms/in my bed/in my coffin" get the idea...Just be sure to send only one; one every day in this circumstance is just plain odd behaviour!

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