Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tip #14: Communication & Non-Communication

According to most, if not all, relationship experts the tip about being communicative should be #1 on the list…and they are right…except I’m not most relationship experts! However, as I will agree that open and honest communication between lovers and/or partners is quite vital and essential, within our Gothy world though there is something to be said (get the pun?) about mystery and being somewhat evasive…somewhat!

Let me explain further: While having very constructive and honest dialogs with your loved one about important topics and decisions, in which each one takes turn expressing him or herself in a calm, rational manner can lead to a very satisfying, cohesive, and long term relationship (*yawn* Thanks Dr. Phil) – each individual, at certain times and on occasion should demonstrate a bit of intrigue toward the other by withholding a bit of communication. This will stir the other’s senses and keeps things young and fresh as if back in the “getting-to-know-you” phase of early dating…you know…the exciting time! Some times an open book can be quite boring.

[BE WARNED: A bit too much of this aloofness and you might trigger a jealousy response…a juicy topic that I will tackle in a near future post.]

So, for the time being, be truthful and open with your feelings and thoughts (*Yes honey, that corset does make your butt look fat! I thought you wanted it that way?*)  with your loved one as much as possible so that you may find yourself on the same wavelength…but also hold back a bit as a slight tease and an air of dark mystery…it’s what makes you a sexy Goth devil! ;)

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  1. I think up front you really need to be clear, "do you really think you're a vampire, or do you just like vampires?"