Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tip #17: Frame it!

Here is a very simple, yet a very effective and indirect romantic gesture that really doesn't need much creativity. Take something that your lover has either given to you or that you've shared together...this can be a greeting card, a letter, concert ticket stubs, movie ticket stubs, a nightclub flyer where you first met/first kissed, a hotel key, etc...Basically anything of significance, except an actual photograph! You are then going to go to a home decor/craft/art store and find a frame appropriate enough to stick that certain something into and then proudly display it in your home for your lover, freinds, and family to see. If the object isn't flat, be sure to ask for a shadowbox and properly mount said item in the center using glue, tape, or by any means necessary. This will demonstrate to your better half that you do not take significant events and/or gestures for granted, and that you are proud enough to display them for the world to see. This also should be used if you have started a 'shrine' (see Tip #15). Wanna know what mine is? Last year, I framed a copy of a Playbill issue of the Addams Family Musical. (Go see that musical!!! Well worth the pricey cost of tickets!)

Let me know what cool things you've put in frames...

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