Thursday, May 19, 2011


Greetings my dear Gothlings,

I am really proud and excited to announce that on Saturday, May 28th, I will be officiating the marriage between Goth scene friends, Rebecca and Mauricio! I am really honored that they've approached me with this request. I really do not like to speak in public, let alone for 15 whole minutes...but how can I pass up such a momentous occasion?!?! It's not everyday you get asked to join a couple in "Unholy" (lol!) matrimony!!!

Rebecca and Mauricio were also very kind in letting me discuss and post pics on this here blog to commemorate the event and share it with all of you! So stay tuned next week when I recant this amazing experience...or maybe I will stutter a lot and pee in my pants from the sheer nerves!!!

Now I have to find a costume like the priest in Beetlejuice!!!

See you in the Dark!
Sir William Welles

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