Saturday, June 4, 2011

Tip #23: Rings of the Gods

This isn't so much of a tip as much as it is a really cool anecdote that you can use in any type of can even be used as a conversation starter when meeting someone new that you've spotted from across the cemetery! Try to memorize the fundamentals and wait for the perfect occasion to use it. goes...

In ancient Greek culture, it was widely believed that each fleshy mound at the top of one's palm represented a different god, and wearing a ring on a particular finger would honor the associated god.

The thumb represents Poseidon, the god of the sea. He was very independent and was the only god that didn't live on Mount Olympus...much like the thumb stands apart from the four other fingers. So, people who wear a thumb ring tend to be independent free-thinkers that generally don't follow the mainstream trends.

The index (pointy-point-point) finger is represented by Zeus, the king of the gods, which signifies power and dominance. Notice how a parent scolds their child, or when singling someone out, they wave or point with their index finger. So people with a ring on their index finger generally like to take charge.

The middle finger (known in New York City as: Da Boid) is represented by Dionysus, the god of wine and partying (TOGA! TOGA! TOGA!). Wearing a ring on that finger signifies that the wearer is free from inhibitions, often without caring what others think, while sometimes being a sort of an instigator.

The ring finger (also see "Vena Amoris" in my What a Wonderful Day for a Wedding article) is appropriately represented by Aphrodite, the goddess of Love (*Le Sigh*). And since it is the only finger believed to have a bloodline directly to the heart without branching off, placing a ring on that finger signifies a direct connection to that someone's heart.

The pinky finger is represented by Ares, the god of war, and it signifies conflict...ever wonder why mobsters are often depicted as wearing pinky rings? Back in ancient Greek times, when one would place a ring an his or her finger, it meant that they had some sort of inner turmoil; however, if a pinky ring was given as a gift, it meant that there was an element of conflict or competition with the giver of said ring.

And there you have it!

"But wait, Sir Welles," you are now thinking to yourself, "what if someone wears no rings at all on his or her fingers???" Good point...and there is an answer to that:

People who wear no rings are aligned to Hermes, who was the messenger of the gods, and represented the finer things of life including wealth and travel...yet, he wasn't greedy. Hermes was known for being very helpful and of a giving nature, while being most adventurous. So people who wear no rings are said to enjoy travel, being open-minded, and like being around others.

Pretty interesting stuff, no? Now go forth and use this knowledge wisely...or I shall be forced to release the Kraken!!! (I always wanted to say that.)

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