Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tip #8: Planned Spontaneity

A wise man once said: “Planning doesn’t kill spontaneity…it creates opportunity!” While being spontaneous can seem very romantic, it is a knack that not everyone possesses. A lot of elements and variables come into play when trying to do things with your lover “on a whim.” Here is my solution: Planned Spontaneity! Sit down for fifteen minutes to a half an hour one night and jot down on a piece of paper at least 10 ideas of things to do with your girl/boyfriend “on a whim.” Think of it as planning out your next 10 dates. When doing this, think especially of things that can be done at the spur of the moment and that can easily accommodate both of your hectic schedules, energy levels, and affordability. This concept is pretty simple in the fact that what you may have planned out in advance, if not communicated to your lover until the very last minute will always seem spontaneous to them! Or at least will seem extremely thoughtful. CAUTION! Sometimes even the best laid out plans can back fire on you…try to also have a back-up or plan B!!!

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