Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tip #7: Letters

This one is really important…and forgotten…The art of writing Love Letters! In this day in age, with all the emailing, texting, messaging, and twattering everyone does back in forth, the true art of writing and sending a letter to a loved one is virtually lost. And I don’t mean typing out a cheesy letter on MS Word, printing it out on your HP printer, stuffing it in a #10 envelope and slapping a “forever” stamp on it! No, I’m talking about the extreme old-school method! Go to an art store like Pearl Paints, Lee’s Art Shop, or a specialty stationery store and buy these things: Parchment paper, parchment envelopes, a good pen (preferably an old fashioned fountain pen, or even better still, a quill and inkwell), envelope seal wax (blood red), and a seal stamp with your initial engraved. Then you will take the time to meticulously write out a letter to your loved one that will express your deep longing and affection for them. Pretend as though you haven’t seen him/her in over a month and that they are miles away. Try also to also include some old-world vocabulary in your letter to give it a bit more authenticity. Now, sign it, stuff it neatly in an envelope, ritualistically light a candle, melt the seal wax, drip some on to the envelope flap, and seal it with the seal stamp. You might want to practice a few times on a normal envelope to get the hang of it. Then, most importantly, have it hand delivered, maybe by a friend, just like back in the day when valets and servants were commonplace. Take the time to do this often…to bring formality in your life isn’t necessarily a bad thing!

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