Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Poem: The Gift of a Flower

A gift of a Flower was given to me,
A man, I was, without one, you see.
Her petals black, her stem so strong,
And just out of reach, for far too long.
This gift, I thought, I did not deserve,
But a place in my heart, she did reserve.
My passion attempted to make this gift grow,
For only a brief time, is all I know.
Suddenly my dear Flower had gone;
Like a dream, ruptured by the dawn.
What did I do, or what did I say,
To have this gift be taken away?
I stand, a man, with Flower no more;
Consumed by questions, and an empty core.
A gift of a Flower was given to me,
With never a chance to love, you see!

                                                -- Sir William Welles

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