Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day-Crawlers in the Mist --Part II

Greetings my dear Gothlings!

(Original post date: 12/8/09)
Ok…Field Research Update! At this very moment I find myself at the very trendy lobby bar of the W Hotel (Ha! W.W.! Eez mai hotelz) on 46th Street and Times Square…right smack in the middle of the bar as a matter of fact! The glasses of wine here start at $11.00 a pop! The bartendresses and waitresses are all aspiring or working models (dressed in an all black miniskirt ensemble with black knee high boots…which adds a nice touch.) To better describe how “trendy” this bar is, think any bar scene they show on C.S.I. Miami! The hotel clientele are, for the most part, a bunch of yuppies suit types and pampered shopping spree women who can afford a minimum of $500 a night (that’s for a broom closet sized room) to $1540 a night for a suite. This place is a Day-Crawler Field Researcher’s paradise!

Once again, I am totally out of place here. Judgemental eyes follow me from the moment I step out of the elevator — it’s like that first time you see Darth Vader at the beginning of the first (episode 4) Star Wars movie, when he boards Princess Leah’s ship (ok…geek moment over). As I glance around the room, peering eyes quickly dart away from gaze. The only two people who will lock eyes with mine are (not surprisingly) the bartendresses…one blond (whom, just last night, I’ve learned is named Jen)…the other a brunette…both fashion magazine cover-girl worthy. I, dressed all in black (duh), long black hair with a silver streak, black nail polish, lots of silver rings on my fingers, black eye-liner on my eyes (Guy-liner!) and a very peculiar fashion style, naturally come across as being some sort of Rock musician from out of town, staying at the hotel, hence, the service is 1st class!!! While others at the bar (sometimes two deep) wait patiently to get one of the bartendresses attention for more beverages, one lift of my index finger and a slight smile and my glass is refilled and a fresh glass of ice on the side placed in front of me without haste. The funny thing about all of these hyper trendy places is that there is so much emphasis on the superficial, that being the oddest duck in the room creates the biggest buzz. As opposed to the other establishments where I was perceived as some strange looking guy off the street, at a posh hotel bar I am perceived as something very different since I maybe from out of town (Los Angeles perhaps). So odd.

This watering hole, however, proves to be a bit more testosterone laden than the others I’ve been to, maybe due to the added pride that comes with a more well-endowed wallet, I am feeling a bit more hostility from the male side of the Day-Crawling species. As certain females keep glancing at me, as routine would dictate, a select few males keep making a point to accidentally “bump” into me. This, my friends, is a sheer test of my manhood in the world of the Day-Crawler. The males, feigning intoxication or clumsiness, will make it a point to push, knock and shove me slightly to try to get a reaction out of me. I can generally tell which ones are genuinely inebriated from those who aren’t simply because the ones that are will apologize after physically trespassing on my personal space, whilst the others who are taking an aggressive stance with me do not offer an apology, therefore testing me me even more. They are expecting me to react as they would and say something like: “Hey! Chump! Watch where your fucking going!” But what they fail to realize is that I don’t subscribe to that sort of brutish mentality…it is the same mentality that starts wars. No, being a Goth male, I subscribe to another (and higher) way of thinking (being French I often kid: *in a heavy French accent* “I am a lovuur, not a fightuur!”), so in turn I do not react. They continue to make slight aggressive “contacts” especially in front of the females to show that I can be pushed around, thus to prove their dominance. My presence at this watering hole isn’t to enter a competition for sexual dominance, but rather to just observe. Their game does not interest me, therefore I do not react, and soon enough they will settle their nerves and curiosity by simply considering me as being a homosexual…of which I am not, but what a great camouflage, if you think of it…and therefore I no longer pose as a threat to them.

I was just about to leave the W Hotel’s lobby bar after my 3rd glass of wine ($33.00 *Ka-Ching!*) when the blond bartendress offers me a 4th one…how could I say no…I’m staying (seriously, I am here documenting all of what is going on around me, right now…switching to present mode) a bit longer then. I am writing and making smalltalk to the generous bartendress when this rather aggressive Day-Crawling Alpha male keeps purposefully knocking into me…harder than those before…and making assertive eye contact whenever I periodically glance around the room. For some strange reason, he believes that I am a major threat to his manhood, although all that I am doing is writing (this) in my notebook. I sense a hostile encounter is imminent. The blond bartendress picks up on this vibe, gives me a knowing glance, which relieves me knowing that security will soon be alerted if this male pushes on. But now I am thinking (maybe because of a bit too much wine giving me liquid encouragement as well) I want to actually engage in this encounter…for the sake of Day-Crawler Social Science, mind you!

The Alpha male is merely a few feet away from me, courting a female. She is clearly not the most attractive female in the room, but since she is sitting, with her friend (also a so-so type female…Day-Crawlers all look alike to me!), between the Alpha male and myself, she has become the prize. The female, unbeknownst to the situation unfolding around her is merely content of all the attention she is getting from the Alpha male. Now, one of the Alpha male’s pack member, a very noticeable Beta male, joins the group directly situated to my right. The strategy has changed. He called in for reinforcements. It’s getting tense in here. The Alpha male continues to make strong eye contact with me whenever I glance his way…no doubt tapping in to his frat boy days…and, of course making a snide remark about me, which I overhear…something like ”Hey…look at that guy behind you…he thinks he’s the Undertaker or something.” (Great! A pro-wrestler reference…is that the best he could do?). But this move proves to be a bad decision on his part. You see, by calling attention to me in trying to mock me, he has successfully forced the to females to give me a good once over…thus allowing me to give them one as well. I offer a smile (it was painful…trust me), and they offered smiles back. The Alpha male’s tactic failed right in front of his eyes. I return to writing. The first day-Crawler female, as I saw during our very brief glances, has in her possession quite a remarkable ring on her right hand that is of an open black rose flower mounted on a silver ring. I wouldn’t mind having the same! I want to ask her where she got it from. Should I dare? What will be the Alpha male’s reaction to my intrusion?

I make my move…

I lean forward past her girlfriend and make eye contact. “May I ask you an innocent question?” I ask the female, kind of taking her by surprise. Alpha male’s eyes are on me. From the corner of my eye I can notice his nostrils flaring. Interestingly enough, Day-Crawler’s nostrils will flare open in anger to allow more oxygen to the brain which keeps it more alert. Anyway…I continue, “But where did you get that exquisite ring? I would love one like that!” The female, not sensing any outright danger from me, despite my appearance, hurriedly gives me a smile and removes the ring from her finger for me to inspect (I gather it is of no great value, since who in New York City willingly hands over an expensive to a stranger for inspection?), while the Alpha male and his Beta male are standing puzzled as the female and I gush over her ring and my blatant intrusion on their conversation. The ring is quite beautiful, but unfortunately she bought it when vacationing in the Bahamas.  Now, Since the female and I are talking about “Girlie” stuff like jewelry (she likes mine too) and shopping I come across as one of two things to the Day-Crawling males: either I’m a “fag” swapping jewelry tips with this female, or I am backhandedly trying (and succeeding) in having a conversation with her by simply talking about her interests and her details, and thus steering her attention away from them! It’s fun to see male Day-Crawlers completely confused…It’s like pretending to throw a ball for a dog to fetch, but you hold onto it in your hand. The dog runs out for a few second only to realize he’s lost sight of the ball. The dog turns back to you for an answer or clue to his dilemma…the look on the dog’s face is stellar…as are the faces of the two Day-Crawlers at this very moment!

Having had my fun, I bid the females and the bartendress a very good night, and I take my leave…laughing to myself in the elevator all the way to the ground floor and out onto Times Square…

To be continued…

See you in the Dark!
Sir William Welles 

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