Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Greetings my dear Gothlings!

Welcome to my new (and improved) blog, "Romancing the Goth!" On this blog I will offer tips and advice on romance and love as seen through the Goth culture for those that are in love, out of love, or looking for love. I will also be continuing my in-depth field research reports on the mating rituals of individuals in the mainstream/mundane culture, entitled: "Day-Crawlers in the Mist."

Now, you may be saying to yourself, "Sir William! What the hell do you know about romance? You're not don't even have a steady girlfriend...and your previous relationships were less than stellar!" Precisely!!! It is because of these very reasons that I can offer a fresh perspective on this subject matter. Moreover, aside from being a Goth, I am a proud Frenchman [insert stupid anti-French joke here]...this romance stuff courses through my veins, as abundantly as French wine does! Plus, the core of Goth romanticism is the act of pining for love or pining for the love of a certain person, it is where "dark romance" is at its most heightened state...and that is where I find myself at this very moment....and prancing around like a cad or rake is fun too! ;)

Now, what this blog is NOT is a tip source for "guys" trying to "score" with "girlz." And while it might seem, through my posts, that I'm directing the advice mainly toward men, it's simply because usually it is the males that have some trouble or lack of creativity in this region -- although we Goths are all very creative! The tips, advice, and suggestions certainly can be used by either gender, know...physical issues arise. *giggle*

One of the most wonderful aspects of Goth culture is that, as a whole, it is a very matriarchal structured culture, that is to say, woman are dominant, if not equal, to men. This is practically found nowhere else aside from some distant tribes in Africa and South America. Take example the Hip-hop you think women hold a powerful position there? Maybe some, yes...but not much ( had to be said). So, what does that mean here? First, it is not uncommon to find in the Goth culture that it is the woman who chooses who to see, date, or get naughty with. Also, (I am going to be blunt here) in this respect about empowered women, there tends to be a higher level of bi-sexuality among women in this scene...who can blame them...they're so damn hot! LOL!!!

But seriously, with all that said, let us embark on this bloggy trip! I hope that the information found here proves to be helpful and useful to you and that you enjoy a very meaningful Gothy romantic life (woeful or not -- I'll explain later). And if you have any tips or advice of your own to offer, please feel free to chime in!!!

See you in the Dark!
Sir William Welles

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