Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tip #64: The Epic Engagement

For most people, a goal of being in a long term relationship is to one day get married with their chosen partners. For others this is not something they would subscribe to...and that is fine. However, whether you plan to get married or not, I would like to propose (pun intended) the notion of the Epic Engagement.

Now, understand...you can become "engaged" to the notion of being committed to each other; engaged to growing old together; or engaged to actual marriage...and all of that is acceptable according to your relationship and ideals...yet the actual engagement should be a grand event in its own right! Here's how:

  1. THE ENGAGEMENT RINGS -- That's right...you read it correctly...I made it plural! An engagement ring for her and for him (or substitute appropriate gender here...I can't keep up anymore). Long gone are the days in which a man stakes his claim on a woman, branding her as his 'potential' property before marriage with a tentative ring -- which, somehow, is considerably more expensive than the actual wedding bands -- when placed on her wedding ring finger screams: "WHOA there fellas...this specimen of femininity partially belongs to yours truly!" No, no, no...now, as Goths, you both get to be branded...equally.
  2. MAKE IT A PARTY -- Whether you plan to announce or actually propose at a festive gathering...be sure to have a gathering. This is the first crucial step in making the Epic Engagement...well...epic. Plus, there is such a thing as engagement party gifts!
  3. LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION -- Party or no party, the location on which you will "mutually" propose to each other should be rather significant, meaningful, and romantic to the both of you. A restaurant, at a festival, in a botanical garden by the Venus Fly Trap exhibit, at a Goth night club, or in a cemetery...have at it, just be sure of the location and the logistics behind it work out right.
  4. THEME -- Now, while the overall theme of your Epic Engagement will undoubtedly be Goth, try to narrow it down a tad into something a bit more fun and inspired. Some suggestions include: The Addams Family, a funeral for your recently deceased single life, pirates, medieval, Victorian, werewolves vs. vampires, steampunk, Halloween, winter forest, or any Tim Burton film. Then find very creative ways to bring your chosen theme to life by way of decor, fashions, food/beverage, and other assorted accessories. Two great online sources for themed party supplies and decor are: www.orientaltrading.com and www.frightcatalog.com!
  5. VOWS -- Much like at an actual wedding, vows or a declaration of love should be written and expressed at the time of the engagement. To make this task a bit easier to conceive, just think of the promises you intend to bring to this union in the present and for the future and surround it with some dark romantic imagery. Seal it with a kiss, a drink, or a slap on the ass.
  6. ANNIVERSARIES -- Just as important as wedding anniversaries, engagement anniversaries should also be celebrated annually. To mark the significance of this date try to do something in accordance with your initial engagement's theme...remember reading #4 above? Gifts are also de riguer (See tip #35).  
The lesson here is to make an important event in your fortunate relationship into an over-the-top and very memorable one! Go all out and turn it into a epic production that will stay with you until your agonizing gasp of air...just make absolutely sure that your significant other will definitely say yes before you make a complete fool out of yourself! Bon Chance!

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