Friday, November 11, 2011

Tip #51: Collections

For some strange reason, we humans, Day-Crawlers and Goths alike, enjoy collecting stuff. Some do it for financial gain -- as with pieces of art or baseball cards -- and some do it for a certain predilection toward something symbolic and/or meaningful to the individual -- such as the love of anything relating to bats, spiders, skulls, or Hello Kitty! Whatever the case may be, collections of objects and trinkets is an extension of one's form of expression. We like to put our collections out on display for our friends and family to discover and admire...or, at the very least, be completely creeped out by the twisted obsession...

This tip is to simply suggest that you and your fortunate loved one start a mutual and personal collection of knick-knacks or doo-dads that mean something significant to the both of you. Find a common symbol, item, or object, and build a collection together! It can be based on anything: First edition Gothic/Horror novels; swords; action figures; post-mortem Victorian photography; clocks & timepieces; taxidermy; skulls & bones; insects; creepy looking porcelain dolls...anything!!! Just make sure that it is something very personable, shared, and special to the both of you.

This brings gift-giving to a whole new level in which when one of you should happen across an item that will be a very welcomed addition to your collection, you can can surprise each other with said procured item and ritualistically induct it into the rest of the brood. How spe-chul!!!

Just do me one favor...
don't turn this this tip into an episode of Hoarders: Buried Alive! 

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