Friday, June 29, 2012

The Anti-Cheating Wedding Ring

HA! O.K....if you haven't heard by now, via the mainstream media, someone has created a special wedding ring, made of titanium, with the words, "I'm Married" engraved backwards inside the band. The result: If the wearer decides to take off the ring in order to fool a single woman, or man, into a fling, the tell-tale branding will be apparent on the deceitful spouse's ring finger skin. Kinda like on C.S.I. where they could tell if someone was or was not married due to a discoloration on the finger where the ring should be...only crazier.

Available through a novelty gift internet shopping site,, this ring actually retails for $550.00! But what I don't understand is: 1) If you have to buy this ring for your spouse, you should really be spending the money on a marriage counselor or a divorce attorney, or 2) if your spouse just can keep his or her pants on...wouldn't a more permanent tattoo be way more effective??? And 3) believe it or not, there are many single women and men out there that actually get turned on be seducing a married in that regards, this ring can serve as an aphrodisiac!!!

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