Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tip #12: Cheating

The human animal is not a monogamous one...point blank. Much like felines and canines, the human male is instinctively hardwired to go forth and multiply...as much as possible...spreading that seed around like a lawn sprinkler (you get the idea), and the human female is constantly on the prowl to upgrade her partner. Thus, cheating on a loved one eventually becomes an issue. Sexual temptation is all around us, especially in this hyper-sexed society we live in today! Every person, right down even to the most virtuous and prudish have "impure" thoughts at any given moment. Again, it's instinctual...it's what drives us to survive! Now, to prevent us from being a bunch of horny animals running around like baboons we have suppressed these feeling and regard cheating as morally wrong (thanks religion!) and I do agree with that...somewhat...

This is my tip about cheating on your lover: 
If you want to be commited in a monogamous and romantic relationship... fine...so-be-it! But if you want to screw around like a pornstar on an ecstacy binge, that's fine too...just break off any intimate relationship before doing so! In essence, If you want to live like you're single, be single! Cheating on a spouse or a boy/girlfriend takes waaaaaaaaaay too much time, energy, money, and effort to juggle in the cheating lifestyle. Plus, it is one of the most hurtful things you can ever do to someone, there is no explaining the deep and heavy feeling at the pit of the soul one experiences once they discover they've been cheated on...death of a loved one is sometimes easier to handle.  

Lastly, there are plenty of people who pine everyday to find true and long-lasting love. It is something that is precious and very hard to acheive. To rob someone of that by cheating on them is beyond cruel and it also ruins the chance for someone else out there to have a true faithful relationship with the one being cheated on. It might seem that running around having an affair is tantalizing, fun, naughty, and much easier than breaking off a relationship, but in the end everyone involved gets hurt...just don't do it...

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