Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Poem: Drifting

So wonderful and creative!!! Here is the text:


My soul, splintered and sorry,
Is aimless: too numb to feel.
The heart, cradled for long
In a gentle palm
Has now withdrawn into the corner,
Beating, only because it must.
I know the seasons.
That they are all the same.
That Ill keep my cheeks moist throughout them all,
That the harsh winds and spray of thoughts
Will hit me with the same relentlessness
And that company will be shrouded from me
No matter the intensity of a manipulative sun.
Ill walk on.
You know I will.
Across thorns and rocks and glass,
Never finding the way, the salvation, the second chance.
Ill stay alone defaced by sorrow,
My rage doused and quietened
Not by choice.
Vice impales my soles, the lies, the hurt, the hate,
And I can do nothing but walk.
Wander through your forgotten memories,
Like walking through the rain.
Numb, my love elapsed.
Aimless, my destination gone.
Alone, winding the mazes by myself.
Seeing nothing but dead ends and traps.

You have left me drifting like a widowed swan,
What is the force that keeps me wading on?

by Elena

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