Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tip #59: The Treasure Box

This tip is not meant to be something for your partner or lover...this one is for the hopeless romantic in you! Find yourself a box a wee bit more stylish than some old shoebox and use it to keep letters, pictures, trinkets, and any mementos from your present and/or past love interest(s). Years down the line you may want to re-visit its contents to reminisce and bathe in nostalgia.

The tresure box can be locked for privacy, tucked away in a closet, or simply kept on a shelf...and let the memories pile up!


  1. I have something like this in which I keep ticket stubs and flyers, programs and such from things my fiance and I go to. It's nice to just look at everything sometimes and be happy about how I found someone I can share so much with.

  2. I'm so glad both of you have found this tip useful! I have my treasurebox all ready to go! Wait...that kinda sounded naughy... LOL!