Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tip #48: Hidden Agenda

Never have a hidden agenda when it comes to romance! True romance and love should always be altruistic in nature. If you are making romantic gestures in hopes of any sort of gain, whether sexual, emotional, or financial, then you aren't practicing are practicing deception for selfish reasons.

The purpose behind proper romance is to please the recipient of the affection by providing a sense of worth, acknowledgement, and desirability. Romance in any other nature will soon enough be construed as fake and disingenuous by the recipient as soon as the said "giver" of romantic gestures has had his or her goals and expectations met. Case in point, have you ever heard it being said: "As soon as we got married he/she completely changed...almost overnight!" This happens more often than you realize! There are people out there who, when courting or dating, will be the sweetest, most sincere sole; but once things are legally binding, the true side of their persona surfaces...and it is usually very ugly! Be sure to read the tell-tale signs of this (see tip# 27: The Litmus Test) very early on in the relationship!

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