Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Recommendation: Underwater Stuff

I have a twelve year old Internet pen-pal from England who is just starting out exploring the Goth culture and lifestyle, and, of course, at that age the events and activities she can be involved in is limited for babybats. One piece of advice I offered is that, no matter what age we Goths are, we like to partake in Gothy Arts & Crafts project. With that in mind, I passed by a pet store and remembered (back in the days when I own a couple of piranha) of those neat plastic ornaments that makes any aquarium so much more interesting!

Skulls, ruins, pirate ships, castles, dragons, and more!!! You can let your imagination go wild with these trinkets! If you need to spray-paint it black to better suit your tastes, then so-be-it! Just tap into your Gothic creativity!!! Below I found some examples. But be sure to visit your local pet store and see what they have, or visit the Petco.com site for their selection. 

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