Monday, July 18, 2011

Recommendation: Versani Jewelry

Yesterday I was strolling around Soho and the Lower East Side of New York city with my dear friend, Cindy, when we happened upon the most amazing jewelry store that had the most stunning Gothic "bling" I have ever seen!!! I'm talking silver skulls entrusted with black diamonds or red garnets, Dagger pendants, crosses, etc!

The company is called Versani and they have stores in NYC & Miami. These are adult prices we are talking about here...a few thousand dollars per item...but not as pricey at a Tiffany's level. Check out their skull collection by clicking here.

If you do want to salivate at the sight of this jewelry up close and personal, visit the store I went to at 227 Mulberry Street (btw. Prince & Spring Sts.). The staff there is super nice and will let you fondle the merchandise!!!

I now must save all of my money and give it all to them!

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